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New to fitness or starting back on your fitness journey? Couch to KAHA is a one-week opportunity to explore your fitness options, learn about nutrition and get the support you need to make this your last "day one."

Dates: September 15-23, 2018


Saturday, September 15 at 9:00-10:00am: KAHA 101 with Monica & Erika

1.    15 minutes: How to get started, what is the SmartStart program, how to download/use MINDBODY

2.     35 minutes: Technique class (squats, lunges, pushups, clean & press, bike setup, combat stances, etc)

3.    10 minutes: Testimonials, Q&A


Monday, September 17 – Sunday, September 23:

Class open house week

Goal: Try 3-4 classes at KAHA

Note: KAHA will add three 9:30am classes (M/W/F) on schedule for this week if there's interest


Tuesday, September 18 at 6:30-7:15pm:

Nutrition seminar #1 - "I need a personal chef: How to eat healthy & meal prep on a busy schedule" with Kiel Holman


Thursday, September 20 at 6:30-7:15pm:

Nutrition seminar #2 – "When every meal is a cheat meal: Calculating calories & macros" with Monica Hilton


You'll even get a few extra goodies:

A free shaker bottle, coupons for supplements & apparel at KAHA and a special membership offer to continue on your fitness journey if KAHA feels like your fitness "home."


Couch to KAHA value: $190

Cost: FREE


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Please note: Couch to KAHA is an opportunity for new clients to try out a variety of classes at KAHA. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers, such as Groupon or Living Social. New clients only or those who have visited KAHA two or less times.