[SHE SAID] Your Health is Worth More than $10 & a Google Search

January 6, 2017

Written by: Monica Hilton, KAHA Fit & Together We Rise CrossFit Owner

You’ve made the decision. 2017 is YOUR year. All those gym commercials even confirmed it: they said New Year, New You! and everything on the radio is true. Some of those gyms have even promised you free pizza for $10 a month, so there’s that.

Where are you going to go?! Google. Google will help.

You sit down and start searching: Gyms. Gyms in Indianapolis. Cheap gyms in Indianapolis. Cheap places to burn off 74 Christmas-tree-shaped Reeces peanut butter cups in Indianapolis.

What if we shift our way of thinking about the gym we want to belong to? What if it really isn’t a gym at all but instead, a community? What if it isn’t about finding the cheapest way to say you’re a member of gym but instead making an investment in your health?

Do some research. Here are five things to look for when finding YOUR gym (A.K.A. your results):

1. Find a gym that wants to see you succeed. If you feel like a number (or worse, a dollar sign) from the moment you walk in the door, think of how that will translate into your full experience, from a customized fitness plan to celebrating your milestones in results.

2. Stop falling for fads. I just saw an infomercial the other day for the Booty Max. “Great booties are the rage, but squats and lunges are hard… burn more calories in less workout time.” STOP IT. Get the helloutta here. Any commercial or gym that promises you great results with minimal effort is prioritizing the dollar over an obesity epidemic AND lying to your pretty face. Both are uncool, dude. Admit to yourself that you’re going to have to put in some work. And that it’s not going to be easy, but it will be so worth it.

3. $10 isn’t an investment in your health. I have yet to meet a single person who has made real fitness strides at a place that charges $10 per month. Need further proof? While you’re Googling, go to images and type in “Planet Fitness memes.” You’re welcome.

4. Make sure your gym has workout options that you actually enjoy. For more on this, click HERE.

5. Don’t do it alone. Take a look around at the gym you’re considering: Do people talk to each other? Is there a sense of community? Do they offer social/fun events outside of their fitness lineup? Is there an accountability partner program for you to be part of? There are plenty of studies showing that support communities (accountability partners, group fitness, etc) lead to better results, lower drop-out rates and increased success.

Hopefully this will give you a step in the right direction for 2017. I want you to succeed, whether that’s at KAHA FITNESS or elsewhere. Be strong and pay it forward.

And while you’re Googling things, don’t forget to find a nice beach where you can plan your “fitness reward” vacation and show off your new muscles.