[SHE SAID] Stop Doing Stuff You Hate

January 2, 2017

Written by: Monica Hilton, KAHA Fit & Together We Rise Owner

We all have that one friend that drags us to stuff that we don’t want to do, but we do it anyway because… well, friendship is pretty cool.

So your friend Sally texts you: “Will you try this new workout with me? It’s called hot cycling. You basically do a spin class in a room that’s 120 degrees! Let’s do it!”

Now on one hand, you know that cycling in Dante’s Inferno sounds like the worst idea you’ve ever heard. Worse than gas station sushi. Bad. All bad. But on the other hand, she’s your friend and you did eat those extra few Christmas cookies (it was only five… or seven… nine… teen… whatever…) so a gym date might not be the worst thing.

Fine. You’ll go. You set your focus: I’ll go do this class and that’s going to kickstart my fitness for 2017! Positive attitude: check. Padded cycling shorts: check. Let’s do this.

You go. You hate it. Why would anyone cycle in 120-degree heat?!

After the pout-session on your way home (I don’t really need to get fit. I can be a little fluffy. Why is it so hard? Maybe next year. How do people do it? Is there a secret pill? Why can’t I like fitness more?), you have two choices: give up or refocus.

Like a lot of things in life, you have options. Luckily, we don’t all like the same things. There are sushi people and there are burger people. There are phone talkers and there are texters. You get the idea.

The world of fitness is exactly like that: There are yoga people and there are weight lifters. There are runners and there are cyclers. There are kickboxers and there are dancers.

The key to sticking with fitness and seeing success isn’t found in a magic pill. It’s achieved by finding a plan that includes workouts you enjoy. What if a rowing machine was the only way to get fit? The (possibly few) people who enjoy rowing machines would be ecstatic. The rest of us would just have to resolve to being pleasantly plump for the rest of our lives.

With that in mind, variety is also important. Boxing is great. Yoga is great. Cycling is great. But if you pick a workout facility that only gives you one option, two things will happen: 1) It won’t keep you motivated after time because you’re always doing the same thing. 2) Your body will get used to that workout and you’ll hit what we call a plateau (same level of exertion, less results over time).

Now, I’m obviously biased towards the programming we offer at KAHA FITNESS because I’ve seen the results it has provided for myself and lots of members, but here’s the thing that constantly leaves me scratching my head: Why would people pay $99, $150, $200 per month for a workout facility that offers only one fitness option (i.e. yoga)? You might love yoga. I mean LOOOOOOOVE yoga. But if it’s all you do for fitness, over time you might plateau and/or get bored with the same old, same old.

Why not try a gym where you can get a huge mix of options (yoga, cycling, strength-training, mixed martial arts, core, sports drills, HIIT training and more) for less than $75 per month? That way you can mix it up, try new things and discover a variety of workouts that you LOOOOOOOOOOVE.

I once had a member sign up and say she was joining to gain some strength. We went through the options and when we discussed cardio, I mentioned our BODYCOMBAT™ class, one of the most popular mixed-martial-arts-inspired cardio workouts in the world.

“Not interested,” she said. She wasn’t even going to try it. Fast-forward two years and it’s her favorite workout. She comes three times per week. She mixes in other workouts to get strength and flexibility, but BODYCOMBAT is her favorite.

Lesson? Try something new. Try a lot of new things. You just might find something you love. Correction: Some THINGS that you love, some things that you’ll stick to, some things that will get you results. Even if one of them is Hot Spin. (But still… NO.)